Platinum #3776 Music Nib With Colorful Inks

Perhaps it’s time for me to join the music nib club…

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The Platinum music nib remains my favorite pen after more than two years of use. This sample of ten colorful inks shows how well the nib works with whatever I toss in it even on cheap paper.

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Advertising & Marketing on Tumblr

gap ad

I’ve begun reblogging/tumbling and commenting on ads on Tumblr. To me, these ads and sponsored content are a new and interesting direction in marketing, not just for social media, but in general. I see a day when banner ads, home page content, even display and print marketing will heavily borrow from Tumblr’s conventions and style. In turn, this understanding of how marketing integrates with its platform is a vital part of Tumblr’s success as a social platform.

As an example is this ad from Gap. Simple in appearance yet complex in construction, it has the immediacy of social media yet still conveys brand and style.

rmdash on tumblr

Marketing and Semiotics

Time to talk semiotics, signs, symbolism, brand management, branding, logo construction and logotype, significant imagery, and other aspects of the dark world of “signifiers” and the “signified.”

I offer this example regarding the Kuleshov effect to explain how manipulated images create meaning.

Oh, and, Something to ponder for the future: is manipulated meaning another way of saying  marketing?